Kokoni is a breed of dogs, also known as Small Greek Domestic Dogs. These dogs are famous by the name of Greek dogs as they have been companions to many Greek citizens for hundreds of years. They are small breed dogs and are very jolly and intelligent too, and also highly adaptable, affordable, and it is easy to maintain them at a very low cost. The Kokoni breeds are so generous and gentle that they are even surviving as strays on the streets of ancient Greece.

These are small dogs that have a longer length than their height. They have a tiny face that is accurate to the body. The head appears to be a triangular shape with drop ears. These dogs are found in different colors and color combinations as well. They have short hair on the face and inner parts of the body and legs. These dogs have medium length hair on the belly, tail, ears, and the back of legs.


Features Description
Characteristics The Kokoni Dogs are very gentle, lively, cheerful, friendly, devoted, protective, intelligent, loving, highly trainable, fearless, loyal, and expressive too
Height Male: 10 to 13 inches & Female: 9 to 12 inches
Weight Male: 4 to 8 kgs & Female: 3.5 to 7.5 kgs
Size Small
Origin Greece
Life span 13 to 20 years
Color White, Pied, Fawn, Isabella, blonde, brown, Black & Tan (also in different color combinations)
Hair growth Medium


They are small in size and have a body that has a longer length than its height. They have a tiny face that is a triangular kind of shape and a round head with medium length triangular shape ear that has fallen forward. They have eyes from round to almond-shaped and colors with possibilities of hazel, amber, and brown. They have nose colors that are either black or brown.

These dogs come in different colors, and lots of color combinations consist of white, pied, fawn, Isabella, blonde, rust, black, tan, and brown. The coat is of medium length and less density. The coat texture is generally wavy. 


The price of these dogs varies between Rs. 20,000/- to 35,000/-. It is an average price for these dogs. Make sure you search on a trusted website before you are planning to buy these cute ones. It is necessary to have a healthy dog in your family as it is going to be a part of your family. 

Temperament or behavior

  • These dogs have proven to be great companions of Greek people for hundreds of years. These dogs are friendly and have an outgoing nature and love human affection.
  • They are very protective and affectionate towards their keepers. They love to share your homes and beds too. 
  • They are always at good behavior with all age groups. They generally behave very well towards strangers. 
  • They are easy to train as they pick up commands very quickly and adapt them easily. 
  • They bark a little louder from their size. 


These dogs are easy to maintain. If you are planning to buy these dogs, you don’t have to prepare a big budget for these dogs as they are highly affordable when it comes to maintenance. These dogs don’t require your daily attention for their grooming, be sure you do brush or combing to their coat once or twice a week. Just make sure you detangle all the lumps if there are any when you are brushing or combing their hair. 

These dogs generally have shiny and silky fur, and they are good with a bath once or twice a month. Bathing once or twice a month will also lower the chances of getting them stinkiness. You can easily clip or file their nails on your own at home to prevent them from breaking and cracking. One should brush their teeth regularly to avoid any dental problems. To save your dog from any ear infections, you must clear their ears every week.

Health factors

These dogs are generally very healthy. As these dogs are small in size, they have a good life span from 13 to 20 years. These dogs are very energetic and will make sure to keep you and your family entertained. You don’t need a lot of effort to maintain their exercise needs. These dogs can be satisfied with short outdoor walks daily. These dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. They won’t be around you all the time to trouble you while you are working. 

Two meals a day are enough for these dogs. Just be sure about what you are feeding them. Your dog must have nutritious and wholesome food. These dogs have a low risk of obesity because of their small structure. Just make sure you feed them good quality food instead of high quantity food. Just make sure that you are always giving them food in a clean and washed bowl. Also, their water bowl should be filled with fresh water every time. These dogs are fit for warm to normal weather conditions. 


These dogs generally litter once a year. Gestation length of these dogs varies between 60 to 64 days. These dogs give birth to 3 to 5 puppies at a time.


It is fun to have this dog at your home, and if that dog is a Kokoni breed, then nothing is better than that. Small Greek Domestic dogs are friendly and will make sure that everyone in your family is cheerful when they are around. You’ll be able to train them according to your needs, and they will learn all of them in no time. The best part about these dogs is their small size, which makes it easy to carry anywhere with you, and you can handle them easily. Just bring one today at your home, and you will see the difference as they will get happiness along. Also, you’ll get to choose one according to your needs.

Good Luck!


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