Sakhalin Husky, also known as the Karafuto Ken, is a breed of dog which has been formerly used as a sled dog. These dogs are virtually extinct but do hold a very special place in the hearts of dog lovers. 


A quick glance on vital statistics of this dog.

Feature Characteristics
Temperament Moderate
Age Average age range varies from 12-14 years
Weight The average weight of these dogs vary between 66-88 pounds
Origin Japan, Russia
Life-Span The average life-span for these dogs is 12-14 Years
Color Black, Cream, Russet, Biscuit
Height The average height for these dogs vary between 22-26 inches

Breed Origin

The origin of this breed is believed to be in Japan. By the beginning of the 20th century, under the Soviet regime, these dogs were able to cope with military service. The origin of these dogs traces back to the countries of Japan and Russia.

Physical Appearance

It is large in size. The maximum growth of males reaches 70 cm at the withers, bitches often have an average size that varies from 50-60 cms. The average weight of this breed ranges from 25 to 40 kgs.

The dogs appear to have healthy, sturdy bones and developed muscles. The head is large, with triangular standing ears and a sharp and pointed muzzle. The eyes for these dogs are almond-shaped, slightly slanted, and small.

The limbs are stable, healthy, and well-muscled. The best and unique feature is the dog. They are arranged in such a way that they can move both off the ground and snow crust.

The tail of these dogs is straight and long, can be bent on either side and covered with dense wool.


Since this dog is becoming extinct, the exact price of this dog is unknown.

However, The cost of these dogs varies and depends on various factors like:

  • The class of the pet
  • The titles of the parents
  • Qualities
  1. Pet Class Progeny: There are minor flaws in these dogs, but they do not affect the dogs’ health. Such dogs participate in exhibitions and are not allowed to be bred. Since these dogs have appropriate documents, the price of these dogs could be around 20,000 rubles (280USD).
  1. Breed-Class Puppies: These puppies are suitable for breeding and meet the standard requirements. Their cost varies from 35,000 – 40,000 rubles (US $480 – USD560)
  1. Show Class Puppy: These puppies possess the highest characteristics. They are offered for sale only after six months since, at this age, only one can be sure they are free from any flaws. The starting price of a grown-up pet of this breed would be around 50,000 Rubles (USD 700).

Possible Colors

These dogs are available in a variety of colors, such as gray, red, white, black. They can be both spotty and monophonic. 


  • These dogs are an excellent companion to their owners. They are entirely devoted to their owners and are excellent with obedience training. 
  • Although these dogs are called Huskies, they are not as stubborn as the Siberian Huskies. They are always alert and have a great friendly demeanor. 
  • They are considered to be smart dog breeds and get along well with other dogs and small children. 
  • They are massive in size and hence have great strength and excellent stamina levels as compared to other dogs.
  • These dogs are bred to be sled dogs and can run for many miles at a time in the harshest conditions. They acclimate well in the harsh conditions that have been picked for all expeditions in the coldest climates of the world. 

Nature & Behaviour

These are faithful dogs, well oriented to humans. They are very friendly to all household members. However, they require constant communication with their owners and joint pastime. If they are not given their attention, they suffer from loneliness and affect the health of the dogs. 

Although they are friendly dogs, they rush to protect the owner if they sense any kind of threat. The best feature of the breed is courage and fearlessness.

These dogs have a well-developed tendency to dominate the family. That is the reason they have to be tamed and disciplined by the owner regularly.

Training And Education

These are “Thinking” dogs and hence would not carry out any tasks blindly without evaluating the conditions and decisions. The owners should conduct classes regularly, showing firmness. These dogs can master call significant programs such as early adopters, guided city dogs, behavior correction, to name a few.

Features of Diet

These dogs enjoy a variety of diets that may include fish, industrial dry food, small amounts of herbal ingredients, dairy products, eggs, and boiled chicken. Clean drinking water is required for these dogs.


Gestation length for a female Husky could last anywhere between 60-64 days. The first period called Proestrus lasts for about nine days. The second period called Estrus lasts anywhere between 3 to 11 days. The third period called Diestrus, can last for around 14 days. 

They litter once a year, and the average litter size for such dogs is anywhere between 1-7 puppies. 

Breed Diseases

Since these dogs are bred in natural and harsh conditions, they have good health. These dogs often develop dermatological diseases, and genetic disorders are usually found in males. Lack of new blood can often lead to genetic disorders and may include eye diseases, diabetes mellitus, and malfunctions in the nervous and cardiovascular systems. 

Care And Health

It is a pleasantly simple and functional dog. They are easy to maintain when it comes to their health. The cleanliness differs from one dog to another, but caring for them does not cause many problems.

They are not at all smelly and do not have excess salivary fluids. They don’t need any haircut. On average, Huskies require a bath once in 12 months. They need to be vaccinated and treated for parasites and anthelmintic like other dogs. 

One part that requires attention for these dogs is the ears, as they are the most vulnerable area. They should be cleaned regularly with a cotton swab or a stick moistened with water or peroxide solution. This is done to remove excess formations and dirt.


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