The Karakachan are large dogs. These dogs originated in Bulgaria as a mountain hound. These giant dog breeds were mostly used to save and guard livestock, cattle, and other domesticated animals from their predators or any danger. These pooches have an enormous height and have an all-around built body, deep chest, and little eyes. 

These dogs are very loyal to their owners, and despite the big build, they are very friendly and gentle with children. They would cross limits to safeguard their owner and owner’s property. These dogs are also known as Bulgarian Shepherd dogs because they were bred to protect cattle.


Life Span12-14years
Height25-30 inches
TemperamentLoyal, Intelligent, independent, Maybe aggressive with strangers but friendly and gentle with owner and family
ColourWhite with black or brown spots on face and tail


This dog is very sturdy to look at. With a height of at least 60 cms, these dogs are rather tall. They have long, dense coats to safeguard them from cold and keep warm. Usually, the purebred karakachan dogs are brown, white, or black with spots on their faces, coats, or tails. These spots can also be white, brown, or black. If the dog is not purebred, then the color can be plain white, black, or brown. They have little eyes that are dark and intense. Their noses are well-shaped and broad that gives them the ability to smell well and smell from afar. These dogs can weigh up to 55 kgs, so obviously, they are bulky as well. But do not go on their giant appearance and judge them, if they know you, they can be very friendly, polite and loyal.


These dogs are purebred and are giant. Due to their versatile nature and fantastic personality, these dogs are rather expensive. Their puppies cost around ₹ 60,000 to ₹75000 each.


  • These dogs are very loyal, prompt, and independent. They are very close to their owners and are always attempting their level best to safeguard their family at any expense. These dogs are naturally brilliant and smart. 
  • They are also known to adapt well to new environments and react immediately to new, dangerous, and other situations.
  •  You will never find them barking or dealing aggressively with their family or cattle. But they will start crying and growling at strangers. Bulgarian shepherd dogs like to keep their distance from strangers. They might even attack or bite strangers. However, they would do no such thing with the family they grew up with. They will make sure to alert their owner of any stranger and protect their family. 
  • These dogs are not so social with other animals, either. Not even dogs. These dogs grew up independent and liked to stay like that. They don’t want anyone (human or animal) crossing their territories. If you already have a pet in the house, you should be careful about getting a Karakachan dog. 
  • These dogs might even attack stray animals or other dogs, so one must be prompt enough to scold and reprimand them and train them against this behavior.
  • But on the brighter side, if the dog is raised with another animal or has seen an animal right from birth, they will be sociable. 
  • Animals that Karakachans grow up with are considered family. Therefore the dog will be friendly with them.
  • These dogs will always be massively loyal to you and protect you. These dogs will protect you at all costs and be a companion forever. You can go on adventures with them, and they won’t get tired quickly. 
  • These dogs are also blessed with strong-smelling abilities as well as an excellent hearing. All these reasons make them a perfect guard dog for the house too. This is why these dogs do great with farmers and ranch owners. 
  • The only caution one must keep is always to be alert. These dogs might attack any unknown face, so one must keep an eye on them.


Karakachan takes outstanding care of its humans, so humans should take care of the dog properly as well. 

Therefore, one must remember that extra care must be given to these dogs, especially their coats. The dog has a long coat, and like any other long-coated dog, they need to brush thoroughly. The Karakachan should be cleaned regularly and properly so that his coat doesn’t get matted, tangled, or dirty. However, the dogs don’t shed too much all year round. These animals will shed more in autumn and spring, hence you have to give extra effort in these two seasons to keep your dog and your house clean.

Also, people with a Bulgarian Shepherd must know to bathe them only when needed. Frequent baths are not recommended for the Karakachan dog.

Training and Exercises

These dogs are enormous, and hence they need a lot of exercises. When they are given the duty of monitoring herds, cattle, and livestock, the training takes place automatically. They run around; they climb, they stretch, so you don’t have to worry about exercising them. But if they mind livestock, make sure they get proper nutrients, food, and rest at the end of the day.

However, they are not given any heavy duties like minding the cattle; they should be taken on long walks and provided a lot of activities to do. These activities can include trekking, running, chasing, and more. If they do not get their daily exercise, they will fall sick.

These are amazing dogs. But these dogs are huge and will need lots of exercise, care, and a great place to stay. Moreover, these dogs are bred and made for safeguarding houses and cattle. Get this breed only if you are up for the responsibilities. That being said, if you have decided to get it for yourself, then you have certainly made a great choice.


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