Indian Spitz! The kind of dog breed that attracts almost everyone to itself. The credit goes to the white and soft fur that is reasonably long and is capable of providing a soothing effect to human skin. This characteristic has given them the name, ‘spitz.’ There are other types of dogs also in the Spitz Family. Some of them are Pomeranian, German Spitz, Finnish Spitz, Elk-Hound, Samoyed Dog, Japanese Spitz, etc.

Overview Table






Protective and Friendly

10-14 yrs

19th Century

10-16 yrs

White and brown

- Weight Height
Male 6-20 kg 40-45 cm
Female 5-18 kg 35-40 cm


If you are a lover of this dog because of its adaptability and intelligence, you should be thankful to German Spitz. Their descent was the result of consistent breeding with German Spitz. This initiative was taken by the British in the 19th century.


 If you want a dog, nothing can be better than the Indian Pomeranian for prices ranging between Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 8000/-. 


The Indian Spitz is lovely with double-coated fur. Their eye color is greenish or bluish. The coat is often milky white or brown. They have sharp, pointed, fox-like ears. There are two categories of this elegant breed: Small and Large. The weight of the smaller one ranges from 5-7 kg, and its height is 20-22 cm. 

The standard height and weight of a bigger version of this dog range from 5-20 kg and 35-45 cm. The tail of Indian Spitz is interestingly curled over the back and is as fluffy as the fur on its entire body. The brown-colored Spitz is also capable of competing in the decency of looks. It looks like an innocent fox, and that is undoubtedly admirable. It is sharp-minded and intelligent but not cunning like a fox.


Their behavior is friendly and protective. However, it is essential to train them well. Training the dogs means to make them perform activities repeatedly at a fixed time so that they can become habitual of a proper routine. For instance, set their time for having meals, playing, walking, and other routine activities. This will help them learn discipline. They have the potential to become your non-verbal best friend. 

They do have the guts to solve your problems and suggest creative ideas to an extent. The Indians have multiple reasons to be proud of this graceful breed, and anyone can be tempted to touch this creation of God and forget all the worries. Dogs can help humans stay happy and calm. They can make people balance their temperament because of theirs. 


This dog is mainly known for adaptability and intelligence, and as a result, these qualities are also present in your favorite one. Adaptability was essential to make them survive the Indian climate. They can adjust with two families or caretakers one after another. It means you can buy it from a friend of yours. They can be attached to you as they were with their previous master. They also do not face problems with space. They are equally comfortable and active in a small house or a duplex bungalow.


There are ample dog lovers in India; this Indian breed got popular in no time. Besides, due to their intelligence, they have played prominent roles in some Bollywood movies and have influenced the climax. They are preferred by people who want intelligent playing partners with good grasping power. They are exceptionally expressive because of their fox-like sharp ears. 

Care they need

They need outstanding quality care since they have long hair all over. The master must adore them and make them bathe every day, especially in summers. If you like dogs to climb your beds and other furniture, be ready to encounter its long hair. Have a proper double-row brush to make sure their fur is clean. 

They should be brushed at least once a day to get rid of the chances of dirt and germs getting accumulated in the fur. If ignored, they may develop skin disorders or infections. Take care of their bad breath, vaccinations, and everything instructed by the respective veterinarian. 


They can consume non-vegetarian food items like fish and meat. Small quantities of rice are also permitted with milk. They can enjoy broccoli, apples, pumpkin, and carrot. They should never be given salt or salty food items, dough, unripe fruits and stems, poultry bones, onions, chocolates, tea, coffee, caffeine, rotten food, raisins, or grapes, garlic, tomato, leaves, etc. 

Please do not compromise on the quality of dog food, and it should be given at least once a day, and the rest of the time, anything from the suggested items above can be given to maintain a good healthy variety. Variety is necessary not only for taste but also for the balance of nutrition. Keep their water bowls and food dishes clean every day. There are clothes available for them too. 

Don’t rely on their natural immunity all the time. Make them wear warm clothes if needed. The way a human being is taken care of, the same way dogs must also be treated: with great care and appropriate affection. Spend time with them like other family members, talk to them, play with them: if they are older than you, respect them as an older person in your family, and if they are younger than you, treat them like someone more youthful in your family. 


Indian Spitz is the best to be called domestic, and they provide all the right reasons to be a part of your family. They can play with you as a younger sibling because their temperament is friendly, and they love being active. 

They are agile; they enjoy jumping and going from one place to another. Their spirits are very high. They are aware of the safety of children, and you can be working in the kitchen for a while without any worries. This Indian Pomeranian will take care of your child as an elder sibling for sure. These are the reasons; Indian Spitz are also referred to as utility dogs. 


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