Epagneul Breton is also known as Brittany. Brittany dogs were raised as gundogs because they always try to chase birds. The name Brittany was kept in the region of Brittany from northwest France. It is not wrong to say that they usually have birds on the brain. This breed is very adaptable to family mates. They are also great companions to hunters as they work very close to them.

These dogs are very energetic and can be your best companion for you and your family if you’ll play with them and take them for long walks. This breed is friendly as well and best suited to a home with an owner who is very active and will take out time from their daily schedule for them.


Features Descriptions
Characteristics The Brittany dogs are environment friendly, very intelligent, energetic, sociable, attentive, expressive, mentally balanced, trainable and spontaneous
Height Male- 17.5 to 20.5 inches, Female- 17.5 to 19.5 inches
Weight Male- 30 to 45 lb (14 to 20 kgs), Female- 30 to 40 lb (14 to 18 kgs)
Other Names Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref and French Brittany
Origin France
Life span 12 to 16 years
Color White and orange, liver and white, black and white, tricolor, orange roan, liver roan, and black roan
Hair growth Medium length (Flowing)

The Appearance

Their appearance is quite athletic as they are fit built. They have an average size head. Generally, these dogs have short tails. They have a nose that is quite large with wide-open nostrils, eyes that are slightly slanted with dark eye color, ears that are set high and triangular, and arms that are quite heavy, thick, and very muscular.

They have a coat that is average, not too silky, little wavy that is flat on the body. These dogs are available in different colors like white and orange, liver and white, black and white, tricolor, orange roan, liver roan, and black roan.

Price of Epagneul Breton

These dogs are available in various variations from Rs. 30,000/- to 40,000/-. The price may vary depending on the breeder or the site. One needs to be sure that they plan to buy this dog from a trusted website or breeder and learn as much as possible before buying them. There are many breeders present today who are least bothered about the quality of the canines, and they don’t care at all about customer satisfaction.

A good breeder will ensure that he/she will provide you a fit and healthy dog whose quality should be certified by different kennel clubs. One must be attentive enough to look for a healthy and fit dog when planning to invest in that pet.

Temperament or Behavior

  • If you talk about the temperament or behavior of these dogs, they are very environment-friendly dogs. This breed is intelligent and highly attentive. 
  • These dogs are high in energy and expressive too. You can train these dogs quickly as they are quick learners and obedient as well.
  • They are very friendly with children, and they don’t mind the rough behavior of children as well. They are best for a family which is very active and have time to play with this dog and train them also. 
  • These dogs have the disposition to bark or roam around due to high energy. Just make sure to teach them at an early age so that they behave their best. These dogs always look for birds.

Brittany Dog care

Since these dogs are friendly and energetic, one should play with these dogs very frequently and take them for long walks every day to keep up with their energy level. If they don’t invest their energy in exercising, they can be a little destructive and behave loud by barking a lot and doing destructive chewing.

Epagneul Breton have an average coat and brushing or combing their hair once a week will be enough to control shedding. These dogs are intelligent, and one can train them with no pain. It is good enough to let them bathe once in a month to keep them away from skin or coat issues. You can groom these dogs at home.

These dogs are not too expensive to keep as you can easily clip or file their nails at home to prevent any issues. Brush their teeth regularly to avoid any dental problems for the future. It is mandatory to clean their ears once in a week at least to keep them away from any ear infections.

The health of Brittany dogs

These dogs are generally very healthy and have good builds. You have to be careful about the quality of food you are proving to your dog. Majorly the food decides the impact on their overall health. It is necessary to feed your dog a proper nutritious and wholesome diet. Two meals a day are enough for these dogs; it is better to be sure about what you are feeding and check before you feed them.

It is necessary to know that you are not feeding your dog the same meal both times. You can create a meal plan for them before feeding them anything. You should know the exact weight, height, age, activity level, and metabolism of your dog when you feed them anything. The most important thing that the bowls you are using for your pet to feed and for their water should be clean and washed every time they use it.


If you are planning to have a dog and if it is a Brittany dog, make sure that you invest proper time and energy with them to keep them cheerful and lively. Pets shower love to you if you play with them and give your time to understand them. They can be the best companion everywhere you go. Just be sure about carrying a water bottle and some food to feed them. They are very playful and cheerful dogs. Buy one for you today!

Good Luck!


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